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posted Dec 28, 2009, 7:33 PM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu

Overall - 7

Food and Beverage - 7
Ambience / Setting - 7
Value - 7
Service - 8
Will you return to this place? Definitely
I spent about S$30 per person

Review Date: 23 Dec 2009

Yummy Thai food in Cozy Restaurant

Our orders ->
tom yam goong
paenang chicken curry
asparagus with prawns
grilled pork (TO DIE FOR)
singha beer

We walked in around 830pm on a weekday night. The restaurant was 70% filled, with most of the diners already onto their main dishes. So, our orders came relatively fast.
Food presentation was good, and the taste even better! My vote goes to the Grilled Pork (grilled to softness with a nice savory taste & fragrance), while hubby's vote goes to the Paenang Chicken Curry. I asked for my TYG to be mild, and that still turned out a little spicy. But it was still good :) Wonder how "Spicy" would have turned out.
The dining ambience was peaceful and the boss dropped by to chat. Thought that added a nice personal touch to their service.
Alas, the 3 mains filled us up, so we didn't have room for desserts :( Would have to bring the family here to try out more dishes, and so I can order desserts :)

Must Tries: grilled pork, paenang chicken curry, tom yam goong
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