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posted Nov 28, 2009, 11:50 PM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu

Food and Beverage - 7.5
Ambience / Setting - 8
Value - 8.1
Service - 7
Will you return to this place? Definitely

Review Date: 29 Nov 2009

Great Ambience for Authentic Thai Food

Stayed in Thailand for a short period and have always missed the clear Tom Yum Spicy Seafood soup since my return couple of years ago. I was glad my friend suggested this place when the only preference i mentioned was a quiet place so that we could catch up over the meal. First impression was the quiet ambience of the place was truly conducive for a pleasant dinner. We ordered the clear Tom Yum Soup, which was fragant with the herbs and a nice tinge of spicyness to titillate the taste buds , Curry beef which was exceptionally tender and succulent with a rich coat of non oily curry sauce, crispy papaya salad,Red rubby dessert with some myseterious crunchy transparent cubes which we have not figured out what and lastly mango with glutinous rice. The portion was just right for two and the flavour was authentic. You need to try it to know. The waiter/ress who served us were considerate and attentive to our needs. Though we continued chatting even after we finished our dessert,the waiter/ress did not showed signs of impatience to chase their latest dinners out. Could try to have some soft Thai music playing in the background to add to the quiet ambience, expecially on nights like mondays. Lastly, I really love the table setting with lemon grass and basil leaves which added a scented finesse to the place. Although a non-verbalised question was.. " was the scent to keep the mosquitoes away". (There is definitely no time for mosquito splatting when all attention was on meeting the diners' needs. )

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Type of meal:Supper/Night Dining
Occasion:Romance/First Dates, Fine Dining, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, After Work, Private Dining, Chillout