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posted Dec 28, 2009, 7:33 PM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu


Overall - 7

Food and Beverage - 7
Ambience / Setting - 7
Value - 7
Service - 8
Will you return to this place? Definitely
I spent about S$30 per person

Review Date: 23 Dec 2009

Yummy Thai food in Cozy Restaurant

Our orders ->
tom yam goong
paenang chicken curry
asparagus with prawns
grilled pork (TO DIE FOR)
singha beer

We walked in around 830pm on a weekday night. The restaurant was 70% filled, with most of the diners already onto their main dishes. So, our orders came relatively fast.
Food presentation was good, and the taste even better! My vote goes to the Grilled Pork (grilled to softness with a nice savory taste & fragrance), while hubby's vote goes to the Paenang Chicken Curry. I asked for my TYG to be mild, and that still turned out a little spicy. But it was still good :) Wonder how "Spicy" would have turned out.
The dining ambience was peaceful and the boss dropped by to chat. Thought that added a nice personal touch to their service.
Alas, the 3 mains filled us up, so we didn't have room for desserts :( Would have to bring the family here to try out more dishes, and so I can order desserts :)

Must Tries: grilled pork, paenang chicken curry, tom yam goong
I also recommend this place for
Type of meal:Lunch, Dinner
Others:Wine Lists - Rated No. 1 Thai Restaurant in Singapore, better than One-Michelin star Nahm in London

posted Dec 28, 2009, 7:22 PM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu   [ updated Dec 30, 2009, 8:07 AM ]


Singapore - Mai Thai at Jalan Merah Saga

Finally, I found my No. 1 Thai spot in Singapore! After going to a plethora of minor disappointments, from high-end (and VERY high-priced spots) like Jim Thompson and Soht & Baay, to budget/low-priced options like Sabaidee @ Tiong Bharu, Diandin Leluk @ Golden Mile Complex, and a variety of mid-priced (sometimes trendy spots) like Bangkok Jam @ Great World City or A-Roy @ Siglap, here's one new Thai spot which combined good food, clean/modern/hip decor and reasonable prices!

Mai Thai at Jalan Merah Saga (Chip Bee Gardens opposite Holland Village0 took over the premises vacated by Sistina Pizzeria. We ordered:

- one platter each of tod mun pla (with chopped cucumber-vinegar-chilli dip) and tod mun goong (with sweet chilli sauce-sesame seeds dip) - great attention to detail;
- gaeng keaw wan (with chicken & ma kheau phuong/baby eggplants). The curry sauce was of the correct liquidity, unlike the overly-thick, creamy Singaporeanized version we got elsewhere. It's almost exactly the same as any gaeng keaw wan we'd have in Bangkok, although the nam pla was toned down to suit local tastes. Curry was also not spicy, perhaps because Jalan Merah Saga/Holland Village's clientele have a large Western/Caucasian expat component who couldn't tolerate the chilli levels which Thais & Singaporeans are more used to;
- larb moo - absolutely delicious, I couldn't get enough of it. Again, here - lesser nam pla than at Bangkok streetside versions, and hardly any prik khee noo;
- crispy seabass with mango was served hot & very crisp;
- Gaeng Mussamun Neau. OMG, this dish was heavenly - beef shin was melt-in-your-mouth tender. It was Michelin-star quality cooking!!! It was even better than One-Michelin star Nahm in London's rendition of Gaeng Mussamun!!!
- Pad Thai - very authentic, but not bring-the-house-down quality. The only "average" dish we had last night.
- Hor mok pla: coconut-rich, deliciously-spiced, super-fresh seafoods used. Again, not quite spicy enough for us or my Bangkok-Thai guests. But it's not overly-salty like the ones I'd had in Bangkok.

All in all, definitely my favorite Thai spot in Singapore (and Malaysia) for the moment. And S$140 for 6 persons - that's outrageously cheap for dinner in Singapore these days!!

One-Michelin star Paneang Nuea (Gaeng Mussamun Neau)

Another Great Review @

posted Nov 28, 2009, 11:50 PM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu


Food and Beverage - 7.5
Ambience / Setting - 8
Value - 8.1
Service - 7
Will you return to this place? Definitely

Review Date: 29 Nov 2009

Great Ambience for Authentic Thai Food

Stayed in Thailand for a short period and have always missed the clear Tom Yum Spicy Seafood soup since my return couple of years ago. I was glad my friend suggested this place when the only preference i mentioned was a quiet place so that we could catch up over the meal. First impression was the quiet ambience of the place was truly conducive for a pleasant dinner. We ordered the clear Tom Yum Soup, which was fragant with the herbs and a nice tinge of spicyness to titillate the taste buds , Curry beef which was exceptionally tender and succulent with a rich coat of non oily curry sauce, crispy papaya salad,Red rubby dessert with some myseterious crunchy transparent cubes which we have not figured out what and lastly mango with glutinous rice. The portion was just right for two and the flavour was authentic. You need to try it to know. The waiter/ress who served us were considerate and attentive to our needs. Though we continued chatting even after we finished our dessert,the waiter/ress did not showed signs of impatience to chase their latest dinners out. Could try to have some soft Thai music playing in the background to add to the quiet ambience, expecially on nights like mondays. Lastly, I really love the table setting with lemon grass and basil leaves which added a scented finesse to the place. Although a non-verbalised question was.. " was the scent to keep the mosquitoes away". (There is definitely no time for mosquito splatting when all attention was on meeting the diners' needs. )

I also recommend this place for
Type of meal:Supper/Night Dining
Occasion:Romance/First Dates, Fine Dining, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, After Work, Private Dining, Chillout

22-Jul-2009 Blogger Wang - Mai Thai Restaurant puts Jim Thompson at Dempsey Road and any Thai Express outlet to shame

posted Nov 27, 2009, 11:45 AM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu   [ updated Nov 27, 2009, 12:16 PM ]

Damo and I headed for an early dinner at the week-old Thai restaurant around the corner.

First impressions of Mai Thai Restaurant (Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-58, next to Michelangelo’s) weren’t good. The menu looked like a home printer project, the restaurant empty and smelled of a typical Thai massage parlour. But we flipped through photographs of dishes and they actually looked appetizing and were priced reasonably too, so we got a seat. No regrets.

The restaurant puts Jim Thompson at Dempsey Road and any Thai Express outlet to shame. Prices are comparable (about $10 for a dish) but servings were nearly double and quality, in my opinion, much better than Jim’s. I had glass noodle salad ($11.50), Damo had basil chicken ($11.50) and steamed rice ($1.00) and we shared mixed vegetables ($8.50). Service was friendly and prompt too. By the end of the meal we were stuffed and satisfied and vowed we’d return.

Situated along a strip of relatively high-class restaurants where $10 will only buy you sparkling water, Mai Thai seems out of place. But definitely in a good way.


22-Sep-2009 Review by

posted Nov 27, 2009, 11:08 AM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu


Restaurant ホランドのタイ料理とムスタファセンター☆

<<   作成日時 : 2009/09/22 23:54   >>

トラックバック 0 / コメント 0

連休明けの今日は、fuwariさんと お出かけして来ました。まずは、ホランドでランチ。fuwariさんも入られたことがないというタイレストランにチャレンジ。「Mai Thai Restaurant」と言うレストラン。数人の方達が外の席で食事をされていましたが、暑がりのわたしたちは冷房の効いた室内で(笑)。





ろみさんに教えていただいて以来度々自分で作っている「豚ミンチのバジル炒め」、このお店ではロングビーンズは使われていませんでした。考えてみると、レ ストランではあまり使われていないような気もします。。。お味もまた全然違う気がしましたが、こちらのものもとてもおいしくいただけて、ご飯が進むお味で した。もう少し辛いと更においしいかな。



デザートもいただきました。レッドルビー。fuwariさんとるるさんに7月にお目にかかったときに、 ホーカーフードが食べられるというカフェでいただいたデザートですが、そのときのアイスカチャンがまた話題になり、大笑い(笑)。出て来た時は氷で覆われ ていて真っ白ですが、下の方に赤いレッドルビーが入っています。こちらのレッドルビーもおいしかったのですが、氷がかき氷ではなく、ごろごろと大きな氷 で、「氷はかき氷にしてほしいね~。」とうるさい2人、ぶつぶつ言いながらいただきました(笑)。室内は冷房が効いていることもあり、大きな氷をがりがり と噛んで食べる気分にはなれないのでした。



食後の飲み物はいただきませんでしたが、食事中に「ライムジュース」をいただきました。フレッシュライムソーダが好きなので、ありませんかとお聞きした ら、ウェイトレスさんが「それはないけれど、ライムジュースならあります。」と。「フレッシュですか?」と聞くと、「フレッシュです、ボトルの。」と (笑)。よく分からないけれど’フレッシュだというので頼んでみましたが、当然と言うかなんと言うか、全然フレッシュではありませんでした(笑)。お勘定 は、S$20ずつ程だったと思うので、HK$100(1200円)ととてもリーズナブルでした。品数はあまりいただいていませんが、いただいたものはどれ もおいしかったですし、お値段もお手頃で、チャレンジしてみて良かったね~、とご機嫌の2人でした(笑)。また行ってみたいお店です。

Mai Thai Restaurant
Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-58 Chip Bee Gardens
Tel:6474 3108



この通りには、チーズ専門店(覗いてみたのですが、チーズたちが干涸びていたような。。。)、The Butchers というお肉屋さん、製菓材料屋さん(月餅の餡がありました!)、Pantry Magicなどがあるので、ぶらぶらっと覗いてから、今度はリトルインディアまで足を延ばし、ムスタファセンターに案内していただきました。が、ここで ちょっとしたアキシデント。タクシーで降りてビルの中に入ったのは良いのですが、今回が2度目、しかも前回は2年も前とおっしゃるfuwariさん、「あ れ~? ここに食べ物など売っているお店があったはずなんだけど~???」お店の人に聞いてみると、ムスタファセンターはお隣のビルでした(笑)。しか も、お店の裏口に出てしまい、どこから入るのかわからずうろうろ(笑)。いつもはお姉様タイプのるるさん(年齢はわたしより下ですが。。。)がリードして くださるので頼りっきりの2人、今日はちょっと大変でした(笑)。fuwariさん、わたしと似てらっしゃる?(←失礼!)


何十種類もあるスパイスを一から買いそろえるのは結構大変ですし、ホールで買っているスパイスは(冷蔵庫に入れているので)何年経っても大丈夫なので、香 港からスパイスもそのまま持って来たのですが、そろそろ古くなって来ているので買い替えた方が良いものもあるはず。チェックしてリストを作って、また行き たいと思います。

ただ、こちら、何の用もなくただぶらぶらしようとは思えないところでした。きっと、ああいうところに行くと眼を輝かせて興奮される方達も多いかと思うので すが、通路も狭く、ディスプレーも何もないので、なんだか疲れるのですね~。幸い、fuwariさんも似たような感覚をお持ちなので、無理して楽しいフリ をする必要もなくて良かったです(笑)。



One of my Japanese friends took me to Holland today. We tried a Thai restaurant called "Mai Thai" - we had Prawn Cake and Stir-Fried Mince Pork With Basil with plain steamed rice, Red Ruby for dessert. We also had lime juice with the meal and the bill was about S$20 each - very reasonable. We enjoyed everything, I'd definitely go back.

After lunch, we went in a few shops (a cheese shop, a butcher, a baking shop, a kitchen shop) along the street, then took a taxi to Mustafa Centre in Little India. The selection of Indian spices, spice mix and other ingredients was very impressive.

Review by Gourmet 餐饮店情报

posted Nov 27, 2009, 11:04 AM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu


マイ・タイMai Thai Restaurant

ジャンルタイ料理 ,


シンガポールのレストラン「Mai Thai Restaurant」

ホランドのメラサガストリートといえばレストランの激戦区。イタリアンやフレンチの老舗もあり、グルメ通りとも呼ばれているほど。そんな場所に 2009年8月オープンのMai Thaiは、タイ料理のシェフ3人をも擁した本格タイ料理レストランだ。味は本格といってもお値段はリーズナブル。『お安いがファストフードのようで落ち 着かない…』というお店と『高級感があるがお値段もいい』というお店の中間とも言えるだろう。お店はとてもシンプルで装飾も控えめだが、気取りがないので かえって気楽だ。しかし中に入れば誰もが笑顔で「サワディカ」と迎え入れてくれる。とてもアットホームな雰囲気だ。
お料理では、伝統的な味を守りつつシンガポールに合ったアレンジを加え、辛さも好みで調節してくれる。プラウンフロスサラダは海老のすり身のみを2度揚げ してパン粉のようにしたフロスをマンゴサラダにかけたもの。サラダとは思えないダイナミックな盛り付けに驚くと同時に、どこから食べても海老の風味がある のが嬉しい。マイタイオリジナルのココナッツシーフード『Ho Mok Ma Prao Onn』は、海老やイカをレッドカレーとココナツで味付けし、見た目可愛らしくココナツのうつわでサーブする。プリプリのシーフードに程よく絡んだ辛さと まろやかさが食欲をそそる一品だ。タイ料理ではおなじみのデザート、マンゴースティッキーライス『Khao Niao Ma Muang』やレッドルビー『Tub Tim Krob』はもちろんお店の手作り。ぜひ一度お試しいただきたい。

9,10-Nov-2009 - 95.8FM 饮食男女12(梁萍) Radio Interview

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梁萍访问范琼云女士,播出时间:9/11, 10/11 1135 以及星期六 0715/0735

范琼云对饮食十分执著,她的餐馆有不少“独特”泰国菜  在门口与




这汤比thom yam soup 还清淡,香味依然,没那么辣。 粉皮色拉是特色菜,


虾松, 餐馆的特色菜,旁边那个是调料,好多香料在里头,爽口。右为芒果糯米甜品,那糯米好滑,这道甜品深受顾客喜欢。

Mai Thai Rest. Tel: 64743108.   Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-58 Chip Bee
Gardens. 天天营业。

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27-Aug-2009 - 8 Days - Thais That Bind

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22-Sep-2009 Press Release

posted Nov 27, 2009, 10:15 AM by Joseph, Wuu Jiann Wu   [ updated Nov 27, 2009, 10:20 AM ]





A showcase of the traditional yet vibrant flavours of Thailand

Singapore, 22 September 2009 – Nestled in the idyllic setting of Chip Bee Gardens, Mai Thai is the latest addition to this established dining enclave. This unassuming restaurant prides itself in serving up authentic Thai food, prepared by a team of three native chefs.

 Opened by Thai owner Ms Jessuda, who also runs The CaffeBar at Parkway Parade, Mai Thai offers an extensive menu encompassing perennial favourites that run the gamut from street cuisine to premium restaurant fare. All dishes are prepared from scratch, including the ubiquitous curry pastes and spice herb mixtures.


 For starters, tuck into popular snacks such as Tod Mun Goong ($9.50), juicy deep-fried prawn patty paired with tangy plum sauce, Thai-style Pork Satay ($8.50) and even the simple classic treat of fluffy Kai Jeow ($7.50), Thai-style fried eggs.

 An unusual item from the salad menu is the Bean Sheet Salad ($13.50), featuring chewy bean sheet curls which are made with mung beans, tossed with minced chicken, prawns, cuttlefish and assorted vegetables in a piquant chilli lime dressing.

 Popularised by the street food dish of Thai beef noodles, Gao Lao ($7.50 for single serving) is a robust beef broth redolent of spices such as coriander and cinnamon and infused with the meaty flavours of beef shank.

 One of Mai Thai’s speciality curries is Paneang Gai ($12.50), a mild, stir-fry red curry enriched with blended cashew nuts which lends a characteristic nutty taste. This curry is also perfectly suited with Australian beef shank ($15.50).

 A delicate dish that requires much finesse to execute, Goong Fu ($16.50), is a prawn floss salad that is made with cooked fresh prawns that are finely minced and expertly deep fried to achieve a light crumble. Paired with an appetising mango salad, this dish is perfect complemented with steamed jasmine rice.

 Another highly recommended seafood item is Ho Mok Ma Prao Onn ($16.50), a selection of pristine seafood such as fish slices, squid and prawns cooked in a light red curry sauce and flavoured with the sweet juice of young coconuts.

 Mai Thai also presents an assortment of rice and noodle dishes, such as Khao Pad Poo ($9.50) – crabmeat fried rice, Pad See Eew ($9.50), stir-fried kway tiao with baby kai-lan and choice of beef chicken or pork as well as Kway Tiao Nuea Nam ($9.50), Thai flat rice noodles with beef tendon, beef balls and bean sprouts, suitable for quick lunches and takeaways.

 All desserts are homemade by Mai Thai’s dessert chef and include Ta Ko ($5.50) – water chestnut with corn set in coconut milk, Mango sticky rice ($7.50) and Tub Tim Krob ($6.50), water chestnut ‘rubies’ served with crushed ice and coconut milk.

 Guests can also enjoy a piping hot pot of mint and lemongrass tea to end their meal on a refreshing note.


Furnished in an understated classic Thai style, Mai Thai is decked out in muted earthy hues and decorated with ornamental statuettes and paintings. The breezy outdoor dining area is perfect for a relaxing evening meal.

 *NOTE: Selected Mai Thai food and interior pictures are available via email upon request.

 For more information or assistance, please contact:

Sixth Sense Communications & PR Consultancy

Loh Hsian Ming                                                           Veronica Zuzarte

T: 6423 0096                                                               T: 6423 0096

M: 9435 9171                                                              M: 9367 5666

E:                             E:



Open                                       11-Jul-2009

Address                                   Blk 44, Jalan Merah Saga, #01-58, Chip Bee Gardens,

Singapore 278116

Tel                                           6474 3108

Fax                                          6474 3100      

Size                                         1,000 sq ft

Seating                                    48 – indoors

                                                34 – outdoors

Operating hours                      lunch  11:00am –   2:30pm

dinner   6:30pm – 10:30pm

1-10 of 10